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Welcome to the official Mod Archive BitTorrent tracker! The torrents provided here allow you to easily download large batches of modules that are already in the archive. Please continue to seed these torrents after you finish downloading them. It's what keeps them alive.

The software running this tracker has recently been replaced with a fairly more modern alternative. It provides some new features and is missing others, but is still under active development. Expect some hiccups now and then.


modarchive_2007_official_snapshot_120000_modules 29.03GiB 26 2 3124 Details
TMA-waveworld.zip 1.35GiB 24 0 9471 Details
modarchive_2007_official_snapshot_addendum1 479.69MiB 18 0 2924 Details
modarchive_2008_additions 1.39GiB 17 0 1822 Details
woolyss-chiptune-samples.zip 71.1MiB 20 0 5097 Details
modarchive_2009_additions 1.44GiB 18 0 1582 Details
modarchive_2010_additions 920.61MiB 18 0 1380 Details
kiarchive.zip 557.03MiB 25 0 5047 Details
modarchive_2011_additions 955.43MiB 21 0 1271 Details
modarchive_2012_additions 967.05MiB 18 0 506 Details
modarchive_2013_additions 990.41MiB 12 0 94 Details

So far, a total of 82421 torrent downloads (133,453.87GiB) have been completed, torrents that are no longer active included.
Total swarm speed estimated to 281.48KiB/s.

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